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a cornucopia of creativity? or a trashbin? you decide...

15 November
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Whattup! This is Raddy here, and this journal is where I store any fanart, fanfics, drabbles or scribbles I come up with. I always link to this stuff in my normal journal {the_raddy}, but I store it all here for organizational purposes.

I draw much more often than I write...and I don't always draw things that are within the ranges of my fandoms. In other words...I love yaoi and slash (particularly Gundam Wing and Harry Potter), but I frequently draw naked girls. O.o Go figure...

I don't update all that often...I'll usually have flashes of creativity that make me update three days in a row, then I'll go for two weeks with nothing to share. ^^;;

Feel free to friend this journal, and I'll friend you back as soon as I realize you've done so (which may take a little while, since I don't check my userinfo page all that often). If you're already a friend of the_raddy, you don't really have to friend this journal, since I always link to my work here. But if you wanna friend me anyway, hell, it'll prolly make me do a little dance. I'm pathetically easy to please that way. :P

Things You Might Find In This Journal:
~ any Gundam Wing pairing under the sun
~ Remus/Sirius
~ Harry/Draco (I'm not even a big fan, but schoolboys are cute ^.^) goddammit i've been sucked in
~ quirky attempts to master Photoshop and make it my bitch (I have yet to fully succeed in this endeavor ~_~;;)
~ snippets of fanfiction...very rarely do I have a complete fic to share ^^;;
~ random naked anime girls (they're so much easier to draw then bishounen!!)
~ pictures of the "adult" variety (it hasn't happened yet, but I'm planning on it, trust me)
~ rants on how I just can't draw certain characters right *glares at Draco Malfoy*